The series Rediscovering Jesus. Jesus went where Jews refused to go and Jesus treated the Samaritan women like a whole person.

The Initial Sermon of Jesus

January 19, 2020
Part of the Series. Rediscovering Jesus, where we look at Jesus through different lenses. Jesus was a worshipper. Jesus knew the Bible. The Holy Spirit was with Jesus. Jesus had…

A Warning From Jesus

January 12, 2020
A Warning for Jesus. Rather than concentrating on the sins of others, Jesus tells us that we all will die unless we change. Jesus is even willing to give us…

The Word Is God

January 5, 2020
We are because of the Word. We need to witness like John. We need to reflect the Light.

Close The Door On This Decade

December 31, 2019
Jesus has taken care of your past and your sins. Let them go. Go into the New Year and New Decade Boldly.

Is There Any Hope

December 29, 2019
Is There Any Hope! Yes, there is hope in spite of our circumstances.


December 22, 2019
God used people of humble means who were willing to submit to God, who were righteous in the sight of God, and were willing to listen to usher in change…

Good News About Our God

December 15, 2019
We need to know who God is. God gives us hope and God has characteristics that should be reflected in us.

A Shoot That Brought Peace

December 8, 2019
Jesus as prophesied by Isaiah I. A shoot from the stump of Jesse. II. A shoot with characteristics we need. III. A shoot that will bring about radical change.

The Time Will Come

December 1, 2019
We must prepare not only to celebrate the first coming of Jesus. We must prepare for his second coming. Only God Knows. Remember the story of Noah. The return of…