There is an irony in the actions of people. We need to appreciate the presence of Jesus. Jesus shows us where we need to turn.
We need to be willing to listen to God. We have to be willing to step out on faith. We need to trust God and listen for further instructions.


June 21, 2020
We need God's help because trouble will show up even when you serve God. We serve an exceptional God and we need to give thanks.
Welcome God when God shows up. Never doubt God's promises. Embrace what has become a possibility.
Are we listening to the same Spirit Jesus is talking about in this text. A Spirit of Truth and a Spirit that will reveal a lot of things.
When you have a battle, pray that the Spirit of God will fall, worship God, and let God fight.
We need to meet people where they are. We have to let them know who God is. We have to stay connected with God
Mother's have suffered. Mother's are suffering. Mother's will suffer. Just remember that God can give you joy just like he gave Naomi joy.
We suffer for doing good and evil. We must endure. We have an example.
In difficult times, call on God, remember and experience the Goodness of God, then respond in a positive way to God's goodness.