At NEW HOPE FELLOWSHIP we are blessed to have many children and youth. They are a major focus of our ministry. Two classrooms and a bathroom are set aside for their use only.

Sunday School

We start with Sunday school that is aged focus and provides breakfast not only for the Youth but also their parents.

Our youth are called upon to participate in worship by leading prayers, reading scripture, serving as ushers, singing and dancing in praise to God. On fourth Sunday, a part of worship is set-aside for children’s church.

Since we are blessed with so much space, we have an array of games they can engage in for their physical activity on the grounds of the church when the weather permits.

Father’s Day

Because male role models are sometimes not always in the home, every Father’s Day weekend, we host an event where our youth can bring a role model to church for fun, food, games and fellowship. We also carry our male youth to minor league baseball games in Richmond and Norfolk.

Youth Retreats

We plan to have our youth attend retreats hosted by the Baptist General Association of Virginia. As we settle into our new home, we will be adding activities to prepare our youth spiritually and for life.